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About Brad

Brad began designing homes around 1991 after graduation. He worked for a single firm for many years, moving within that firm to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1993.

In 1998, a change was in order. He started Construction Supervision with a small building company he had worked with at the design firm. Unfortunately, that was a short lived adventure, but he managed to help design and build five homes in that short period of time. Soon after the construction job ended, calls begin coming in from past builder clients inquiring whether he was still in the design business (once a designer, always a designer).

Since then, he has steadily built a large custom and builder client base as well as a large portfolio of stock plans and custom homes. Most homes designed are for specific clients, whether it is for a one-off custom home or for a builder creating a neighborhood of multiple plans with multiple options for each.

He has also designed builders' personal homes (Martha Gold, Gold Builders of Wilmington,

D. Logan, Logan Homes Inc.; Tom Canady, Barker and Canady Custom Homes) and an historic Southport addition for Jim Stephens' personal home (Stephens & Company). True satisfaction comes at the end of the design process when he has successfully assisted a client in creating a home they will be happy with and are pleased with the services provided. Happy homeowners are the key to a happy home.

Many folks unfamiliar with the building process are unsure about what to expect. His job is to walk them through the whole process of design as well as a portion of the building process. With extensive knowledge about construction, client questions can be answered about what to expect as they build their dream home. He can work directly with contractors to provide them with the tools they need for pricing and clearing the hurdles in the design review process that many communities require. During this process, smart design choices that will enhance the experience once the new owners move in can be made. Mistakes will commonly be eliminated through communication and client input.

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Bradley Thorne



Bradley Thorne Design provides:


Custom Design Services

Custom home design services with client input a key to great home design. The client's needs and wants as well as specific site requirements are all considered important factors in the home design process. With this in mind, ideas become reality.


Builder Services

Designs created for today's market with traditional charm. Attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the construction process translate into an uncomplicated and marketable home.


Neighborhood Planning

Designs that create a sense of established community and home.

Remodeling Design Services

Design and/or build a thoroughly modern update to your current home or a home you are considering for purchase.

Modern interpretations of classic American homes

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